Trusts & Estates Litigation

Trusts & Estates LitigationWhite Plains Mt Kisco Estate Litigation

Successful dispute resolution concerning trusts, wills, guardianships, conservatorships, the administration of decedents' estates, and other fiduciary issues requires sophisticated collaborative, cross-disciplinary legal counsel combined with compassion and sensitivity to the often shattering emotional experiences and personal implications for those involved.

Attorneys at Shamberg Marwell Hollis Andreycak & Laidlaw, P.C. combine substantive expertise in state and federal law governing trust and estate proceedings with years of experience in probate and surrogate courts. Our cross-disciplinary approach includes estate planning, corporate law, real estate and complex civil and appellate law. Due to the often sensitive nature of trust and estate disputes because of the death of a loved one or a conflict among family members, we provide thoughtful and compassionate representation for our clients. Our clients include corporate and individual executors, guardians, trustees, administrators and conservators, as well as corporate and individual beneficiaries.

Trusts & Estates Litigation proceedings are rife with ethical, procedural, and state and federal tax hazards. Our impeccable reputation in estate litigation stems from decades of experience, both in court and as negotiators helping resolve cases without costly litigation.