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Guardianship is a legal arrangement whereby a court gives a person or persons, who seek that permission, the legal right to make decisions for another person who is unable to make decisions for themselves. In New York State, a guardianship case is handled by the Family Court, Supreme Court or Surrogate's Court depending on the type of guardianship asked for and the person over whom guardianship is requested. The need to obtain adult Guardianship usually arises when the incapacitated person maintains no Power of Attorney or advanced directives.

A guardian can have guardianship over different aspects of a person’s life. A guardian of the person is given the power to make decisions regarding health and welfare issues. A guardian of the property handles decisions about financial and property issues as directed by a Judge. At times it is necessary to seek Guardianship over both the person and property.

The compassionate attorneys at Shamberg Marwell Hollis Andreycak & Laidlaw, P.C. have years of experience serving clients in this complex area and are ready to guide you through the legal process of establishing guardianship, tailored to meet your specific circumstances. We understand that the issues surrounding the incapacity of a loved one can be difficult and we are committed to spending time with you to address your concerns and answer all your questions.  We also realize that often guardianship issues can occur suddenly and we take great pride in our ability to respond quickly to help our clients secure a prompt resolution.