Estate Administration

Estate AdministrationWestchester Law Firm

Estate administration is the process by which an estate is managed and distributed at the time of death, and typically includes three broad actions: (1) asset collection, inventory and appraisal; (2) collecting and paying debts and taxes; and (3) distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries. Depending on the situation, this process may occur with or without a will, and either subject to or outside the jurisdiction of a probate court.

At Shamberg Marwell Hollis Andreycak & Laidlaw, P.C., we provide clients with tailored representation in many different aspects of estate administration. Our attorneys also advise executors and trustees in trust administration, as well as counsel estate beneficiaries.

Should probate be necessary, our firm will advise you on the required documents that must be executed and the individuals who must be contacted to comply with the law. At this time we will also assist with the valuation of the estate for tax purposes, and determine the cash needed to satisfy expenses, claims and taxes.

Managing tax issues can be complex. We work with executors and trustees every step of the way to ensure that all tax planning options and consequences are considered, and that all required tax returns are filed properly and in a timely fashion. We will also assist with the often onerous requirements for asset transfer that are unique to every financial institution.

After estate valuation has been determined and tax matters resolved, we will facilitate the payment of claims, the disposition of assets, funding of trusts and the distribution of remaining assets to beneficiaries.

Above all, our firm understands how difficult it can be to deal with an estate after a death and we strive to minimize the additional stress placed on the surviving loved ones.