Author: Diana Bunin Kolev

When Existing Zoning Doesn’t “Fit”

by Diana Bunin Kolev

Over the years, we have had clients come to us with a proposed use of property or land that is not covered or recognized by the particular zoning ordinance/code. This sort of dilemma affects the landlord who has been approached by a potential lessee, a potential buyer of undeveloped land, or anyone seeking to redevelop Read More …

Navigating the Variance Process

by Diana Bunin Kolev

Most property owners find themselves faced with the variance application process when they are denied a building permit due to noncompliance with some aspect of the local zoning regulations set forth in the applicable zoning ordinance or zoning code. There are many different situations in which the need for a variance may arise. It may Read More …

When Towns Err, the Landowner May Suffer

by Diana Bunin Kolev

Landowners are often surprised to learn that municipal officials are not bound by their representations regarding applicable zoning or the permissibility of a use of property, and could incur unnecessary delay and expense by relying on such representations without exercising due diligence. Property owners will often approach municipal officials in order to understand better the Read More …